Nozem Supply End User License Agreement

By installing any font software created by or a property of Delano Limoen (the Fonts), the Licensee (You) agree that the font software remains the exclusive property of Delano Limoen and that they have the correct licensing in place to protect the use of the font software under the following terms and conditions.
What you are purchasing from Delano Limoen is a license to use font software. You are not purchasing the copyright of the typeface, but the rights to use the font software.
A – Number of CPU’s
A1 –
The Licensee can install the Font(s) in its purchased weights on one (1) device such as a notebook or laptop computer or desktop computer or embed in one (1) website per license. These devices can be connected to any number of physical outputs. The physical output can be an inkjet printer, laser printer, offset press, silkscreener, vinyl cutter, die-maker etc.

A2 –
If the Licensee wants to license the Fonts for more than what is stated in A1 (one (1) user on a stationary CPU or transportable CPU), the Licensee must upgrade the license to a multiple-user license. A multiple-user license includes the exact same terms as a standard license, but with a higher number of devices and users allowed. To find out how to attain a multiple-user license, contact us with the information provided in section E.
B – Standard Permissions and Special Licensing


B1 –
Use with any software: The Licensee can use the Fonts with any software that supports them. This includes mainstream software such as Microsoft, Adobe, Macromedia or any other software retailer’s programs, or software the Licensee may have had custom-made.

B2 –
Prepress Allowance: The Licensee can send the Fonts to their printing services, but after the job has been completed the Licensee must ensure that the service providers remove the Fonts from their systems to ensure they do not end up using them on other jobs, which will reduce the value of the Fonts that the Licensee paid for.

B3 –
Embedding Permissions: the Licensee can embed the Fonts in certain electronic documents. This includes PDF, Flash and Microsoft Office documents (such as Word or PowerPoint), or multimedia files. Unless formally authorized in writing by Delano Limoen, the Licensee cannot embed the complete character set as fonts embedded in electronic documents can usually be extracted and pirated.

B4 –
Printing the Fonts: The Licensee can use the Fonts to print artwork on clothes, cars, mugs, fridge magnets or any other products that they, or their clients are selling.

B5 –
Non-Digital 3D Shapes/Products: The Licensee can use the Fonts to make non-digital 3-dimensional shapes, rubber stamps or scrapbooking alphabets that the Licensee can sell.

B6 –
Corporate Identity and Branding: The Licensee can use the Fonts to produce artwork meant to be part of a corporate identity or branding. This includes letterheads, business cards, business forms, banners, film titling, tie-in products, etc.

B7 –
Backups: The Licensee can keep one backup copy of the Fonts they have licensed, but the backup medium they use should be secure and only privately accessible.

B8 –
Modification: The Licensee can modify the Fonts, but only for uses outlined within the condition of this license and as long as the modifications are being done by the Licensee. Modification also means font format conversion. If the Licensee use Mac and PC, they can use conversion software to convert the Fonts between platforms. Third parties to this license are not allowed to modify the Fonts under any circumstance, unless formally authorized in writing by Delano Limoen.

B9 –
Internal Usage: The Licensee can install the Fonts to be used internally to users working for the Licensee, provided that the Licensee have purchased the appropriate license for the amount of users who will have access to the Fonts. Contact us with the information provided in section E for more information. All users must be covered with the license.

B10 –
Distribution: The Licensee cannot give away copies of the Fonts in ways that do not comply with the rest of this agreement. For example: the Licensee cannot make any of the Fonts available for download on the internet, to be emailed to friends, uploaded them to public internet file transfer or storing channels. This as a show of respect for the value of what we do, so that there remains an incentive to continue to create.

B11 –
Reselling: The Licensee cannot resell the Fonts through any medium unless formally authorized in writing by Delano Limoen, as a distributor of the Fonts. This also means the Licensee cannot modify the Fonts then sell the resulting modification.

B12 –
Usage not mentioned? If the Licensee are wondering about a particular type of usage not included in this agreement, the Licensee must contact us using coordinates in Section E, and we will try our hardest to help.
C – Support and Updates
C1 –
Quality Check: All of the Fonts undergo thorough testing before they are available for licensing, but if there is something wrong and the Fonts licensed do not perform properly or up to the Licensee’s expectations, the Fonts will be replaced with a satisfactory copy. The Licensee must provide the order number and/or purchase receipt available to ask for an exchange. 

C2 –
Free ninety (90) days Support: The Fonts come with a ninety (90) days support. This support does not extend if the Fonts have been modified in any way as we cannot be held responsible for the aftermarket editing process.
D – Miscellaneous Notes

D1 –
If the Licensee do not agree with some of the license terms, they are invited to discuss the issue with us. We are open to new ways of providing a better service. We are a small independent design studio that thrives only by keeping customers happy so that they come back for more. We believe that fonts with unreasonable restrictions do not ultimately contribute to anyone’s satisfaction, so we try our best to keep licensing adaptable to as many workflows as possible.

D2 –
The Fonts are made to be used how fonts are normally used. We can guarantee and support their functionality as fonts, but not as anything else. We cannot take responsibility for incidental damages arising from the Fonts being used in any application or in a certain way. Also we cannot take responsibility for a user’s level of experience in using fonts within certain workflows.
E – Contact Information
For any inquiry refer to the contact section.
Delano Limoen reserves the right to amend or modify this License Agreement at any time and without prior notification.
Nozem Supply is a trademark of Nozem Design.
Build and made by Delano Limoen.